Greedy Mouths – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Treats are great, especially the ones Lady Human is giving us now. Not that I didn’t like the other ones and if she brings them again, I will certainly participate. I am not snooty.

Me:   Snooty?

Stella:   Dogs that turn down treats are snooty.

Me:   Okay. You mean that you should eat what is placed before you.

Stella:   Yes. No. Maybe.

Me:   What’s your problem today?

Stella:   I don’t like the way some of us enjoy our treats.

Me:    By some of us, to whom are you referring specifically?

Stella:   Shhh! This is just between you and me. It’s Tiger. She’s so snappy when you offer her a treat.


Me:   Yeah, she does get a little too excited. I’ve been correcting her on that.

Stella:   If you hold the treat above her and drop it, she is a great catcher.

Me:   True.

Stella:   But when you offer it to her face, she gets so excited, half the time she knocks it out of your hand and doesn’t even know where it went.

Me:   Yeah, and if she doesn’t knock it out of my hand, she snaps at my fingers. She doesn’t mean to, but she is so greedy for it.

Stella:   Yes, greedy. I understand greedy. It is a desire that takes over your mind and heart. You can’t think of anything else but what will satisfy the greed. It is like a burning fire in your bones…

Me:   All that for a treat?

Stella:   Yes, Lady Human, don’t you feel that way when there is a treat in front of you? Doesn’t it take over your life until you have it?

Me:   It used to. Not anymore. I worked at not letting it.

Stella:   That is so strange. Why don’t you have a greedy mouth like ours?

Me:   I am not a bulldog.

Stella:   That says it all.







Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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