Stella’s Blog – Day 1 – I Am #3

Hello. My name is Stella, the Olde English Bulldogge. Remember me? Perhaps not since I am no longer the center of all attention as I was, as I should be. This is now a true dog ranch. All of us are inside MY house. ALL OF US! How did this happen?

 Misbehavior is rampant. In order of greatest offender to least offensive:

  1. Wiggles: Offense: will not stop barking while saying nothing. She has a bad habit of       repeating herself. Just listen:  “Awwohh? RahRah!  Awoooo? RahRah!”

           RahRah? Twice. What does that even mean? It sounds a little like something I say once                in a while, but if that’s what she means, she is pronouncing it all wrong.

            I like Wiggles. We get along, but there is only so much nonsense you can listen to. Some               days I just want to bark my head off, but I don’t. It’s called self-control. Get some,                         Wiggles!

        2.  Tiger: Offense: still trying to fight all the time. Our humans have to keep her away                        from the rest of us. Good thing. There is a lock on her crate now because she is smart                    and she figured out how to open the door. (But did she have the courtesy to teach me                    the same trick? Nooo!). Make no mistake. I felt sorry for her when she showed up. She                  looked terrible and now she doesn’t trust dogs. I am glad she is all better, but getting                    out of her safe place was how she got into all that trouble to begin with. Also she is a                    teenager. That explains a lot. Lesson to be learned: Don’t jump over fences that are for                your safety and go stomping on somebody else’s ground. And eat your own food.

        3. See below.

        4. Snoopey: Offense: right at this moment, nothing. She is trying to nap and has turned                    away from us to avoid temptation. But she has trust issues, too. She is my sister. I have                her back, but she struts around all sassy like she is the Alpha and that gets on my                            nerves. She may grow up one day and realize that real leaders lead; they don’t show off.

Yes, I know how to count. I did not forget #3. I am #3. Offense: None. I am the Queen and the Queen cannot commit an offense. Why am I not #4 then? Humility, pure and simple.

  “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time: casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you. “(1 Peter 5:6-7 KJV)

P.S. The human put that last part in. I can’t read.

Signed, Stella


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