Don’t Push My Buttons – Stella’s Open Letter to the Pack

To My Pack (and that includes you, Lady Human and Tall Man):

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Now hear this!

Be it Known: Fair Warning: You are pushing my buttons. STOP IT!

Transcriptionist: What are your buttons, Stella?

 Stella:    Well, they are not these little buttons on my belly because when I push them, nothing happens. My real buttons WHICH YOU ALL ARE PUSHING are as follows:

When I am taking a nap in my crate, DON’T VISIT! Don’t come walking by, pushing your smooshy faces up against mine. RUDE!

Another button: Keep your smooshy faces and slobbery mouths off my toys. What part of MINE do you all not understand?

 Transcriptionist: Tall Man and I don’t do those things. Why have we been included in your warning?

 Stella:    Button Number 3: Transcriptionists must be SILENT! Therefore, SILENCE! Consider my button pushed.

 Transcriptionist: You don’t have buttons, Stella. You are just feeling grumpy.

 Stella:    Button Number 4:  Don’t question my buttons.



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