What A Difference 6 Years Makes – Conversations with Stella – Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges.

Me:  Guess what today is?

Stella:  Not that silly holiday again that has no cake to eat, I hope.

Me:  No. This day celebrates something that happened six years ago.

Stella:  Does it have something to do with me? Because if it doesn’t, I am not interested.

Me:  Yes, it has to do with you. And it has to do with me. Six years ago today, you came to us.

Stella:  Wow! What is a year?

Me:  Hard to describe. Suffice it to say that you were the first bulldog I had ever seen in person. That the first thing you did when you got here was to poop on the floor. That Tall Man had to run out to get your food and a bed for you before the stores closed. That while I cleaned up after you, I said that was the only thing I was ever going to help. And suffice it to say that that was not true.

Stella:  Was I such a surprise?

Me:  Yes.

Stella:  I remember the old place only a little. Things changed for me once I got here. At the old place, there were always puppies. And I was very tired. I just realized. I’m not tired anymore.

Me:  All I can tell you is that you have made my heart bigger during these past six years. I needed someone to help me with that. I prayed for a dog I could help. And the LORD chose you.

Stella:  Happy 6 Years, Lady Human! How about six more?

Me:  Sure. At least. Why not?

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One thought on “What A Difference 6 Years Makes – Conversations with Stella – Conversations with Stella

  1. I love that. A wonderful beginning to a very beautiful friendship.
    A dog doesn’t make our lives whole but they make our whole lives better.
    That is the saying at my vet and I love. Happy coming home day Stella.

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