Don’t Bother Me! I’m Sulking! – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Hmmmph!

Me:   Oh, all right! I’ll bite. What’s the matter?

Stella:    Hmmmph! Don’t you know?

Me:        I am not a mind-reader.


Stella:    Why not? If your human brain is so big, why can’t you read my mind?

Me:        Thankfully, the LORD does not hand out that ability willy-nilly. It’s something I am glad that I can’t do.

Stella:    Who is Willy-Nilly? Is he a bulldog? Have we met him?

Me:        Nope. Just another human expression.

Stella:    Do humans ever stop making these things up?

Me:        Nope. Anyway, I think I have guessed why you are sulking even without reading your mind.

Stella:    Are you going to make me stop sulking? Because I don’t want to stop. It feels good to sulk.

Me:        Yeah, I know. Self-pity can feel good sometimes, like scratching an itch.

Stella:    Itch? I have one of those, too. Right here. Excuse me…

Me:        You were upset that I spent so much time away from the house the past few days. Well, we are back to normal. There was a pen show and I went both days, plus some people wanted to meet at restaurants to eat.

Stella:    A pen show? You’ve done that before. How many times can silly humans meet about pens? Aren’t those the sticks you use to scratch on paper? How can that be more important than spending time with bulldogs?

Me:        Oh, that’s a funny thing. There was a bulldog at the show. And a chihuahua. And a Yorkie.

Stella:    Oh. I see.

Me:        I knew it was a mistake to mention that as soon as the words were out of my mouth.

Stella:    I thought I detected the odor of strange dogs.

Me:        Well, they certainly detected the odor of you all.

Stella:    Are you sure you were not at a dog show?

Me:        Yep. Pretty sure. It was definitely a pen show.

Stella:    A pen show with dogs. Hmmmph.

Me:        Oh, Stella. It’s over now anyway for a whole ‘nother year.

Stella:    A year. I don’t know how long that is. Maybe I’ll be over my sulk by then, but it’s doubtful. Hmmmph.






Copyright 2018 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.






2 thoughts on “Don’t Bother Me! I’m Sulking! – Conversations with Stella

    1. Oh, Princess Xena, I didn’t even think of that. That makes me feel a lot better! I will have to check her bags. Thanks! With love, Queen Stella


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