The Bluebonnet Jaunt Part 2 – Conversations with Stella


I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. I am in a rolling box. I think we are going to see the lady in the white coat, the one Lady Human calls ‘vet’.

Me:  No, we are not going to the vet.

Stella:  Now I am really confused.

Me:  As I told you, we are going on a jaunt, a short trip, to see bluebonnets. Flowers that bloom wild in the spring. And no, you may not eat them.

Stella:  We are not alone. Look at all these rolling boxes Look at those monstrous rolling boxes.

Me:  Semi-trucks.

Stella:  Yay! We are all going to look at bluebonnets.

Me:  No, most of these other people are going different places.

Stella:  Then why are they going along with us? The big rolling boxes are scary.

Me:  They are carrying things we all need. Like your food.

Stella:  In that case, they can stay on the road with us. Look! There are flowers!

Me:  Yes, pink, yellow, purple, orange.

Stella:  Where are our bluebonnets?

Me:  Just up ahead. We are coming up on the exit now.

Stella:  This is a great place, Lady Human. I smell meat. Wonderful.

Me:  Yes, there’s a barbecue place right over here where we will park and… What?

Stella:  What?

Me:  It’s gone. It’s all gone.

Stella:  The barbecue meat? Gone? Horrible! Horrible!

Me:  No, the barbecue is still here.

Stella:  Oh, you had me scared there for a minute.

Me:  I mean the bluebonnets are gone. All gone. And in their place…

Stella:  What?

Me:  A new fast food hamburger place.

Stella:  With meat? Wonderful! What a great jaunt this is! Let’s do this all the time!











Copyright 2019 H.J. Hill All Rights Reserved.

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